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How to Migrate MDaemon to Exchange in Easy Steps?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Migrate • 5 Min Read

Hi, are you planning on moving from MDaemon to Exchange? Have you found a suitable way to do this? Not yet? Don’t worry, that’s why we are here, to solve your problem and give you a break, let’s get started and get the most suitable solution to migrate MDaemon to Exchange.

Even though, MDaemon is a good, well-featured service for its users. Some of the users are moving towards Exchange account and the reason is kind of valid.

Why migrate MDaemon to Exchange?

  • In contrast to the MDaemon, you can access the Exchange server emails from anywhere. Whether you have your device with you or not, you can even open Exchange on your mobile device
  • If your data is on the server, there is a small chance that you could lose your data. If you accidentally delete the emails, they will first be moved to the delete folder, which you can move again in your inbox. However, if you accidentally delete the MDaemon files on the device, they will be permanently deleted. To avoid data loss, you can migrate MDaemon to Exchange
  • The services Exchange provides are greater as you can create more and more accounts in the profile.

We assume that these are the valid situation that people face, but now is the time to get out of the situation and this can only be done if you know how to do it. So you don’t need to worry as you will know the complete solution right away

MDaemon to Exchange Migrator: An Expert Choice

This is the solution to your data migration problem. With the help of 4n6 MDaemon Server Converter you can easily migrate MDaemon to Exchange. This app is the best and can migrate MDaemon even if you are not configured with the account and only have its files.

Now any without further delay, let’s move on to the process that will lead you to the ultimate goal. The process is very small and easy to follow. To familiarize you with the full steps, we’re offering you the guide here. So you know what to do next as you run the tool.

Process to migrate from MDaemon to Exchange

  • First of all, click on the link provided to download the MDaemon migrator on the device where MDaemon is configured


  • Now install the application by selecting the known language and then after the setup is done, launch the application


  • Now click on the Open tab and then select Choose files or Choose folders according to your preferences


  • Select all the required MDaemon from the device and upload them to the MDaemon migrator


  • Now you can see all selected MDaemon that have been loaded in the left pane of the tool, if necessary you can preview them.


  • Now click on Export tab and then click on IMAP as email service


  • Enter the Exchange email address and password and also provide the IMAP server name and then hit the Save button


Well followed. You have followed the process correctly; your MDaemon will now be migrated to the Exchange.

What now? Would you like more of this tool? Well, when you choose a product to do your job, it has to be packed with benefits. So let us tell you what benefits you will get from the tool and what functions are available that will make your execution of the task more convenient

Read More About the Tool

Batch MDaemon Migrate: Do you have bulk emails on your MDaemon server? Do you want to migrate them in one go? This wish can be fulfilled with this tool. The application can migrate MDaemon to Exchange in bulk without any problem.

Migrate specific data: If you don’t need to migrate the complete data and only want certain emails from the MDaemon server, this app can help. You can migrate the emails from a specific email address or select the emails from a certain date by applying the filters available in this tool.

Maintaining data integrity: The tool maintains the integrity of the data during the process. You can find the e-mails in the same way as in the MDaemon files and folders. All fields of the emails are unchanged. This makes this application valuable.

Standalone and Compatibility: The application is completely independent and does not prompt you to set up another compatible application to complete the task. It is self-contained and can work alone. Also, the application is supported to run on any new or old version of Windows.

In Conclusion

If you want an all-in-one solution to migrate MDaemon to Exchange, you can try the MDaemon Migrator. This application is perfect and it gives you so many benefits while you perform the task.




By Nick Rogers

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