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How to Convert MDaemon to PST in Easy Steps?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Convert • 5 Min Read

MDaemon is undoubtedly one of the good email services that provide its customers with a path to send and receive their confidential or occasional emails. But somehow there are some users who keep asking for a way to convert MDaemon to PST format.

And we believe that if most people ask the same thing, there must be something that causes people to do so. And the reason that influences them to make such decisions must be solid.

Therefore, it has become necessary to know why people want to convert MDaemon to PST. So that we can provide a suitable solution according to the requirement.

Scenario Causing People to Convert MDaemon to PST

Well, we cannot ignore the fact that desktop-based clients (such as PST compatible Outlook account) are better in this case, like;

  • They are safer to use because all data is stored on the desktop, not the server
  • Email are easier to preserve as all email and even folder is saved in a single PST file
  • You can always change the location of PST files according to your needs
  • Data theft does not occur because the PST files are in your local storage and not on the cloud server.

These are just few out of many reasons to convert MDaemon to PST files.

But now the time has passed when you struggled to come up with a suitable solution to accomplish this task. Because it is about to be completed now.

For this purpose, we bring you one of the best applications that facilitate the simple way that you can convert MDaemon to PST with ease.

MDaemon to PST Converter: A Perfect Solution

This application is the solution you have been looking for. With the help of this 4n6 MDaemon Converter tool you can easily convert MDaemon Server to PST. The application is reliable and all in one, it gives you so many features to help you process the data with all the ease.

Now let’s jump straight to the process that you need to follow to complete the task. The tool only offers you the small process and simple steps that it takes to achieve your goal that is; PST files.

Process to Convert MDaemon Server to PST

  • You must first download the application on your Windows compatible device by clicking on the given link


  • Now get ready to install the application by clicking Yes, I accept on some terms and finally run the tool
  • Now click on the Open tab to load MDaemon data.


  • The tool provides dual mode option such as Choose Folders and Choose files


  • Once you select MDaemon files / folders, the tool load folders on the left panel.


  • Now click on the Export tab and then select the PST as email files


  • Now click the Browse button and choose your preferred location on your device to save the resultant MDaemon files / folders and once done click the Save


Once you click the Save button, the process will start, which in a few moments will convert MDaemon to PST. Once the processing is finished, information will be updated in the tool along with the tab to directly open the location where you saved the resulting files.

Now, as we finally know, the task is very easy to do when using this tool due to its small and easy process. But if this quality is not enough for you, let us tell you more about the tool that makes your experience of converting MDaemon to PST files more enjoyable.

Qualities of  the Application

Allow preview of MDaemon emails: You may have already understood with the header, yes this app is very capable of opening MDaemon emails. so if you need to see the emails, you have to click on it. You can also preview the attachments that the emails contain and you can even download the individual email and attachments while previewing it.

Convert MDaemon in bulk: Have a large amount of data in your MDaemon server account? You don’t have to worry about it, as for this app bulky email doesn’t really matter. The application can convert all the account data in one go without having any problem or error.

Convert specific emails from MDaemon: If for some reason not all emails are necessary for you and you need to convert only particular emails, that means a lot to you. You can go to the search bar and by applying the filters you can convert the specific emails to PST.

Compatibility and Security: MDaemon to PST Converter is compatible with any version of Windows and is tested many times on various parameters to check its reliability.

In Conclusion

MDaemon to PST converter has proven to be the best application to convert MDaemon to PST with ease. So, if you need a hassle-free experience to accomplish this task, then you can give the tool a try.



By Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is your go-to Email Migration Specialist and Content Creator, dedicated to simplifying the intricate world of email transitions while delivering top-notch content that resonates with both tech enthusiasts and everyday users.