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How to Easily Import MBOX to Yahoo Mail With All Attachments?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Import • 5 Min Read

What’s stopping you from importing MBOX to Yahoo!? If it’s a solution that stops then you don’t need to worry about it. Why? Coz we have a solution to it, a solution that strong your decision to carry out this task. Since you have chosen to initiate this task, we want you to hold on to it and we will help you every step of the way. What else can we say? Let’s get started and import MBOX to Yahoo Mail.

As opposed to so many great advantages of a desktop-based client, there are also many disadvantages. And what those downsides are is the inability to access the emails when you are far from the configured device.

This also applies to the MBOX files as these Thunderbird compatible files are stored on a local drive. If you want to access it anytime without the configured device, either import it into a cloud-based client like Yahoo or at least make a local copy of all your old emails in case of emergency. And such kind of factors causes people to import MBOX to Yahoo Mail.

Regardless of the fact that MBOX files cannot be imported directly into Yahoo, what else makes this task possible? And to tell you this, we are here. So take a look at the possible solution to run and complete this job.

An Easiest And Possible Way to Import MBOX to Yahoo Mail

As mentioned earlier, these MBOX files cannot be imported directly. Then there is only one solution left to carry out this task. This is the alternative method. So one workaround is the way you can easily import MBOX to Yahoo Mail. For the great and fantastic experience, we offer you 4n6 Email Converter. This application gives you the opportunity to initiate this task.

This MBOX to Yahoo importer is the most flexible application that allows you to import MBOX to Yahoo Mail. No matter how many MBOX files you have, how many emails they contain, the job can be done in less than a minute.

Want to see how? Okay, for that purpose we offer you the whole process. You look at it and you know what steps to take to complete this task.

Process For Importing MBOX Files to Yahoo Mail

  • First of all, you need to click the given link to download MBOX to Yahoo Importer to your Windows supported device

  • Now, prepare to install the application, accepting a few conditions, and launch it when the installation is complete


  • Click the Open tab, then click Email Data Files to select MBOX Files from the options given


  • Prepare to select all the required MBOX files on the device and click “Select Folder” to load them into the tool
  • Now you can see that all the selected MBOX files have been loaded in the left pane of the tool. Here you can preview if necessary


  • Now click on the Export tab and then on the drop down menu on IMAP


  • Enter the Yahoo email address and password, enter the IMAP server name for Yahoo, and finally click the Save


As soon as you click the Save button, the process will start. You can see the process on the tool surface. You will be informed as soon as the process is complete.

Your task is now done. Now you can access the MBOX file’s e-mails in the Yahoo account from any device at any time.

This article is intended not only to tell you the whole process of importing MBOX to Yahoo Mail through the tool, but also to explain some of the quality of the tool. Do you know why it is necessary to tell you the quality of the tool?

Because these are the factors by which you can get into the depth of the tool and also know if the tool is best for you. So what do you say, are you ready to look at them? Okay take a look.

Features of the MBOX to Yahoo Importer

  • This application can easily import bulk MBOX files into Yahoo Mail in a single task
  • It can also import MBOX to Yahoo Mail with all the attachments and other properties
  • You can preview all emails with MBOX files with all attachments in them
  • This application is also helpful for the forensic scientist
  • The integrity of all emails is maintained while they are imported into Yahoo Mail
  • It’s a completely stand-alone application that doesn’t require you to download any other setup
  • This MBOX to Yahoo importer can be run with any version of Windows

We have briefly introduced some features to you. Note just some of the features. It contains other features that you will find when you run the tool. So what are you waiting for? Go get the tool fast.

In Conclusion

Importing MBOX into Yahoo can be a good choice. So don’t let anything stop you from completing this task. And to help you with this job, MBOX to Yahoo Importer is always there for you. You can use this suggested app when you need to import MBOX to Yahoo Mail quickly and easily. So for a great and comfortable experience you have to try the tool.


By Nick Rogers

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