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How to Import Google Takeout Data to Another Google Account?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Import • 5 Min Read

Having all the Google Takeout data in a readable format can be very beneficial for you. This backup plan can allow you to access import google takeout data to new account or reusable formats, whenever you want, such as in a contingency situation.

But the question is, how to import Google Takeout data into desired file format when downloaded in zip and MBOX format?

Is it even possible to import Google Takeout data?

The answer is yes.

It is now possible to import Google Takeout data to Gmail & various file formats and even into another email account.

Do you want to know how?

The answer is the Google Takeout importer tool; with this software, you can easily import all your important Takeout data.

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We first provide you with the process by which you can save all Google data using the Takeout function

Follow the process:

Go to the Google account by searching in the URL, or with the

Once the page is opened, click on the Data & Personalisation from the given options. The option is visible on the left panel of the page.

Now go to the Download, delete or make a plan for your data section,

Select Download your data feature from the various options and then click on the arrow showing against the option

Now you can see that all the Google data is already selected. You can deselect the items that you don’t want to download

After selecting all the required data click on the Next step

Now choose file type, frequency, and destination. The available file size is .Zip and .tgz and you can save the files up to 50 GB, but the condition is that your files are divided into parts when they are larger than 2 GB.

Now click on create export and finally download the Google data.

Your Google data will be saved on your device in .zip or .tgz format. If you want to import Google Takeout data in some other readable file format, you must use a third-party tool. Let us offer you the most suitable application specially designed for this type of task.

Google Takeout Importer tool

If you want your Takeout data to be in another account or in an easy-to-open file format, 4n6 Email Converter is the platform that makes it possible. This automated application is very trusted and solving user’s queries for many of years. It consists of many functions that provide you with ease of execution.

4n6 Email Converter

  • Import Takeout data into multiple file formats such as, PDF, Text, PST etc.
  • Import data from Google Takeout to your desired location on the computer
  • Best tool to import Google Takeout data to new account i.e. Gmail, Yahoo Mail,
  • Import all Google Takeout data at once, with no limitation on file size selection.

The Process to Import Google Takeout Data to New Account

Suggestion: This application comes with a demo edition. Using the trial version, you will be able to know the application in deep, its working process and its advantages. So we highly recommend you to use the demo.

Follow the Process:

  • Download the Takeout importer tool on your Windows platform
  • Install and then run the application to start to process
    run the application
  • Click on open tab and select Email Data Files
  • Click on the Google Takeout Files to choose folders from the device
    Google Takeout Files
  • Takeout folders will start loading on the left panel of the tools screen
    start loading
  • Now go to export tab and select file format at your convenience.
    select file format

Note: Select Email Files or Document Files if you want to import Google data to some readable file format. And if you want to import Google Takeout data to some other account select Email Services.

  • Select the Takeout folders to import after selecting the required file format
    Takeout folders
  • Now click on the browse button to select to location on your device
  • At last, click on the save button visible on the right panel of the tool

The process will begin importing the selected data to the desired location. You can see the status of the process. You need to click on the pop-up windows showing the completion of the process.

Technical assistance: While working on the tool if you have any technical problems, you can chat with us at any time. We provide you with a chat window with experts, where you can discuss all the problems you come across. We will help you overcome the situation in real-time.

In Conclusion

In this article, we provide you with a complete solution on how to import Google Takeout data to another Google account. As you may know, Google Takeout data is originally downloaded in zip format, so 4n6 Email Converter helps you import these files into readable formats of your choice.


By Nick Rogers

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