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How to Migrate MDaemon to Gmail Easily?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Migrate • 4 Min Read

Data migration is always beneficial when migration is done for files that are saved on desktop to some cloud-based account. We found this after reading the recent query that asked how to migrate MDaemon to Gmail.

  • Well, it is so true that MDaemon server files are stored locally on the desktop and can only be accessed when you are nearby.
  • However, if you are far from the device and need to go through the emails on the MDaemon server, then it is not just possible because of the reach.

And these are some of the different situations that cause users like you and us to migrate the data to an account that we can also access with the phone to check old email.

Let’s fix this problem quickly so that you don’t get stuck in a situation where you cannot access the MDaemon server’s emails again

An Expert solution to Migrate MDaemon to Gmail

4n6 MDaemon Server Converter is the most helpful solution available. It has all of the features that make your experience to migrate MDaemon to Gmail more and more comfortable. Whether you are configured with the MDaemon or not, the application can also migrate the MDaemon files kept on your device.

It is recommended that you look at the working features of the tool as this will give you an idea of what it is. We are introducing some of the features here so that you can become familiar with the tool.

Features of the tool

  • The tool can batch migrate MDaemon to Gmail in one step
  • You can apply filters to only migrate certain emails from the MDaemon server
  • Migrate all emails with all associated attachments
  • You can preview the MDaemon server files on the tool itself
  • Maintains the integrity of all emails while they are being processed in Gmail
  • The app automatically detects the MDaemon server is configured accounts

Now the most important thing you need to know is how to migrate MDaemon to Gmail using this tool. What steps do you need to take to complete the task? This is only possible if you follow the instructions below.

Process to migrate MDaemon server to Gmail

  • Download the MDaemon to Gmail Migrator on your Windows supported device


  • Now install the application by clicking “I accept the agreement” and clicking Next to complete the setup. When everything is done, run the application.


  • Now click on the Open tab and then click Choose Files or Choose Folders depending on your requirement


  • Select MDaemon Folders from the device and then click on “Select Folder” in the window


  • Now you can see that all of the MDaemon folders in the tool have been loaded. Once all of the folders are displayed, you can open and view them if necessary


  • Now click on the Export tab and then choose Gmail as email service from the drop down menu


  • Enter the Gmail email address and password and click the Save button.


The process will then start if your Gmail credentials are valid. It only takes a few moments to fully migrate your data to Gmail. Once the process is complete, you can access Gmail directly from the tool by clicking the tab that appears later.

Frequently asked questions from some users

Can I test the working quality of the tool before buying it?

Yes, the tool comes with a demo version that allows you to migrate 10 items from each folder. This way you can see the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool.

Can I use this tool on the other device with the same license key?

Yes, you can use the app on the other device with the same key. All you have to do is download the tool and register a same license key.

Can I run the tool on the Mac?

No, the app is not yet compatible with Mac, but it is compatible with all Windows versions

Can I migrate multiple MDaemon user mailboxes to Gmail at the same time?

Yes, the tool can migrate many MDaemon users’ data to Gmail at once.

In Conclusion

It’s best to migrate your data from MDaemon server to Gmail so you can easily access it whenever you want. And for this purpose, MDaemon to Gmail migrator is considered the best as it gives you all the facilities to perform the task.

So if you need a one-stop shop where you can quickly migrate MDaemon to Gmail in one go, you should give this tool a try.






By Nick Rogers

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