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How to Download Old Emails from Server ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Download • 4 Min Read

Download old emails from server as old emails are like the money that we somehow find in old jeans. They may be old, but they are still very valuable to us. In the same way, these old emails are more valuable at some point than the new ones. We must not lose them since we do not know in what situation these old emails can help us.

Some situations that may force you to download your old emails from server.

  • Due to the server failure that does not allow you to access your email account
  • In case the company closes its email service
  • If you want to change your current email account to another
  • In case you want to view your emails offline

These are some valid reasons that can cause you to download all your old emails. So it is a very good decision to download old email from server before losing them.

Possible ways to Download old email from server

Let’s just talk about a couple of different email protocols such as POP3 and IMAP. Now, these protocols are used for retrieving emails from an email server. So for example, if you are using an email client you will configure that email client either with IMAP or POP3 to retrieve your email on your computer. So you can use either one, the choice is yours.

POP3. The only thing that POP3 does is to download your email to your device from a mail server and its only download what’s in your inbox folders. It doesn’t download any other folder or their items.

IMAP. It is s also use for retrieving emails. IMAP allows you to view your emails that are on the server from multiple devices. The email is kept on the server and it cashes local copies of the email onto all of your devices.

These are two protocols that you can use to download your old emails from the server. But the limitation is that you can only download one message at a time. That is a very long process. So here we offer you a substitute product by which you can download all messages at once.

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Steps to Download old emails from any server with 4n6 EmailBakup

If you don’t want to download your message manually, you can use this 4n6 email backup tool. This software can download all your email in less than a minute without data manipulation. Take a look at the working process of this application.

Download- email-backup

  • After downloading the application
  • Run the software on the computer
    Run the software
  • Go to open tab and select Add account
  • Add your email account and password to download your message
  • Once the account is added all the folders will now be displayed on the tool
  • Now go to export tab and select file format
  • Select Saving option according to your need
  • Browse the location on your system
    Browse the location
  • Select the emails/folders to download
  • Go to Save button and then click.

With this little process, you can download your old emails anywhere you want. Let us give you more reasons to use this app.

Know more about this alternative solution.

1: This application comes with an easy to use interface that can make you feel free to do your task. All options and functions are self-understandable; you won’t need anyone to help you use this.

2: You can download multiple emails with just a few clicks. You only need to select the folders and the rest this software will do it automatically. Everything is easy with this automated software.

3: Allow you to choose location on your computer. With this application, you can explore the location before downloading the emails. This feature is helpful to reduce time and effort. You can easily access and manage your resultant data in the future. You can also create a new folder to keep them in one place.

4: This application supports to open multiple file formats. You can also use this tool open files which need supported application.

5: You can download your emails from any of the email client. The app supports every email clients whether it’s a desktop based email client or web based client. There is no such limitation in the tool.


This article provides a complete solution on how to download old emails from server. 4n6 Email Backup Software is the best alternative solution for this. If you find this solution valuable, share it with your friends. Kindly give us a suggestion.


By Nick Rogers

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