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How to Backup Microsoft 365 to Gmail?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

When it comes to Gmail, there are no email services to match their counterparts. Because of this, some users are switching to Gmail. Regardless of what accounts they’re using, they’ll want to use Gmail somehow. Likewise, this article will focus on those users who are using Microsoft 365 and want to backup Microsoft 365 to Gmail

If we look at the stats about the users who use the Gmail account, we know that Gmail is the market leader for all email accounts. And it is used by most of the people around the world.

And most importantly, what gave us the idea to write this blog specifically about backing up Microsoft 365 to Gmail is the query we had. Take a look at the query to find out what situation you are or may be in the future.

Hi, I am currently a Microsoft 365 user as my organization made this email service available to me to communicate with my customers. Now I’m thinking about changing my job so I have to leave this account. Therefore, I want to send much of the email to my personal Gmail account for future guidance, yes, with my organization’s permission. So can you offer me a way to quickly backup Microsoft 365 to Gmail account?

This is just one situation that will result in users backing up Microsoft 365 account. There are so many other situations that we cannot assume as we cannot assume yours.

So what the delay is for, let’s get the full solution and get out of this situation. We will provide you with a most suitable application specially designed for this type of task.

An Automatic Solution to Backup Microsoft 365 to Gmail

In Microsoft 365 there is no manual function for backing up the emails directly to Gmail. So we need to use an alternate application for this purpose. The 4n6 EmailBakup tool is best for backing up Microsoft 365 to Gmail. With this solution, you can easily get your job done.

And the most important thing you must know why we are calling the application is perfect. Because of the advantages, you will get in the performance of the task. Take a quick look at the quality and decide whether this app is the best or not.

Working Features of the Microsoft 365 Backup Tool

  • Allow emails from Microsoft 365 accounts to be backed up in batches
  • Allow the emails to be backed up with all associated attachments
  • You can open and view Microsoft 365 emails in the app
  • You can use various filters during data processing
  • The integrity of the Microsoft 365 account data is preserved
  • Safer to use and compatible with all Windows platforms

Not only these, but the app has many other features that can help you make your trip even more enjoyable. The one more thing you need to know is the step-by-step process to backup Microsoft 365 to Gmail. Therefore, Check out the complete guide.

Process to Backup Microsoft 365 Account to Gmail

  • First, download the Microsoft 365 Backup Tool on your computer by clicking the link below

Download- email-backup

  • Now prepare to install the application by selecting the preferred language and location. Once the setup is complete, please launch


  • Click the Open tab and when the drop-down menu appears, click Add Account


  • Now enter the Microsoft 365 email address and password and enter the name of the IMAP server


Note: The IMAP server name for Microsoft 365 is (
  • As soon as the MS 365 accounts have been successfully added, the account’s mailboxes will be displayed in the left pane of the tool. Here you can preview the emails before the backup if necessary


  • Now click on Export and then on Gmail as an email service


  • Now enter the Gmail email address and password and click the Save


If your Gmail credentials are valid, the process will soon begin backing up Microsoft 365. Once the process is complete, you will be notified with the information about it. You will also provide with a tab that will allow you to access the Gmail account directly from the tool.

Commonly Asked Question

Is this app restricted to any data size?

Of course not. You will not face any errors when selecting data in batch. Only a free version restricted to backup 10 emails from each folder, but if you buy a license key, there is no restriction for any amount of data.

Can I use the same license key to backup data from multiple Microsoft 365 accounts?

Yes, you only have to buy a key once and then you can use it every time you want to backup your data.

Can I run the Microsoft 365 Backup Tool on an older version of Windows?

Yes, this application is compatible with every older and newer version of Windows

In Conclusion

If you really want to back up Microsoft 365 to Gmail and at the same time really have concerns about your convenience, you can use the Microsoft 365 backup tool. Because it gives you the ease and various file storage options that you prefer.


By Nick Rogers

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