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How to Quickly Extract Email Addresses from MBOX File?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract • 5 Min Read

Hello, do you have a lot of MBOX files on your device? Do you currently need to check all email addresses and do you want to save them separately? Do not worry; you are not the only one. Today a scenario has arisen where most of the users want to extract email addresses from MBOX file.
This given query points to the good scenario that leads people to do this task.

Hi, I work in the marketing department, so most of the time I need different email addresses to send new products for product promotion purposes. There are many MBOX files on my computer that i can use to get many email address. However, there are lot many things these MBOX files contain; all i need is an address. So can someone tell me how to extract email addresses from MBOX file?

Yes, it’s true, when you work in a department like this; you need a lot of email addresses in one place. However, it can be difficult and also very time consuming to get the email address individually from many emails.

Hence, it can be a huge relief if there is a way to make this task easier to do. For this purpose and for your convenience, we offer you a solution that will meet all your needs.

A Reliable solution to  Extract Email Addresses from MBOX File

If you need a single operation to complete the entire task, 4n6 Email Converter is the one for you. This application is reliable and automated. There is not much you need to do in this application to extract email addresses from MBOX file. Just a few taps and your job is done.

And the good thing about using this application for your work is that wherever your email addresses are in the MBOX, this application can extract every single address.

So let’s look directly at the process and see what steps you need to take to extract email addresses from MBOX file. This guide will help you out when you actually go through the tool.

Process for Extracting Email Addresses from MBOX File

  • First, click the link provided to download the MBOX Email Address Extractor to your computer.

4n6 Email Converter

  • Then accept the terms to install the application and then launch it


  • Then click the Open tab, click Email Data File, and select MBOX


  • Browse all MBOX files on your computer and press Select Folder to load them into the tool
  • You can now see that all the selected MBOX folders have been loaded into the left pane of the tool. If you need it, you can preview the MBOX here


  • Then click the Extract tab and click Email Addresses from the drop-down list.


  • Browse to the location, select the final destination you need for your email address, and finally click the save button that appears above on the right pane.


Your email addresses from MBOX files will now be extracted in a matter of moments. You will be notified once the extraction is complete. Congratulations, you have now achieved your goal.

What else? We assume that a small process may not be enough to decide if the app is right for you to extract email addresses from MBOX file. To get to know the app better, you need to look at the features of the tool. So check out some of them.

Features of the MBOX Email Addresses Extractor

Extract Instantly: This application is very efficient. You can select any number of MBOX files from the device to extract e-mail addresses from it. That way, you have to follow the process once to save time.

Select Fields: During the process, you will be able to select the fields from which you want to extract the email address. Sometimes you don’t need all of the addresses and requests from the respective field, so you can select To, From, Cc, Subject, Message Body and Message header.

Extract from attachments: If you have a lot of attachments that contain a lot of email addresses, this is the application you can choose. You can enable the option that will allow you to extract the email address from all attachments in the MBOX file.

Extract Where You Want: This application is best when you need the resulting files in the location you choose. Meanwhile you are in the process; you can choose the location of your choice for conveniently access them and separation from other files.

In Conclusion

Extracting just email addresses from MBOX files can be one of the most complicated tasks. But not now as the MBOX email address extractor can do this task very easily. No matter how many MBOX files you have and how many email addresses they contain, you can extract email addresses from MBOX files with just a few clicks. So it is recommended to try this tool to accomplish the task.


By Nick Rogers

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