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How to Extract Attachments from MSG files without Outlook?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract Attachments • 5 Min Read

Extract attachments from MSG files without Outlook is not that easy until you find the right solution to do it.

Your attachments in MSG files may be of more value to you than the other properties. It could be easy when you are using Outlook and need to extract attachments from multiple MSG files. You could just import MSG files into Outlook and then save attachments from them one by one. However, now the situation is more difficult as you may have hundreds of attachments and you are not configured with Outlook either. What is to be done in this situation? How to extract attachments from MSG files without Outlook in batch?

This article is the end of your entire problem as we have already said that this task can be quite difficult until you find the right solution. Here in this article, you will get the perfect solution for it and then you will not see any more such situations in the future.

“So, let’s get everything with the perfect solution and extract batch attachments from MSG files without Outlook”

4n6 MSG attachment extractor: Extract attachments in bulk from MSG

4n6 Email Converter can make the whole task easy and offers you an easy way to batch extract attachments from MSG files without Outlook. This extractor for MSG attachments is unique and fully automatic. It can extract the attachments in less than a minute; either you have hundreds of attachments or thousands of attachments in MSG files. This software is able to turn the difficult tasks into simpler.

Check out the process that will lead you to the final destination where you can open attachments from MSG files without using Outlook.

4n6 Email Converter

Easy steps to extract attachments from MSG files:

Suggestion: This MSG attachment extractor comes with a demo edition. If you use the edition, you can know the tool in detail; know its functions and its working process. You can find out how effective it is while doing the task. You can also view all properties of MSG files including email for free. So you have to give it a try and finish your task.

  • Download the application on the device where your MSG files are kept
  • Install the application and then prepare to launch the tool
    launch the tool
  • Click on the Open tab and go to Email Data Files
    Email Data Files
  • Select MSG files and start to choose folders / files from your device
  • Now you can see all the MSG folders are loaded on the tool, that are visible on the left panel
    MSG folders are loaded
  • Now click on the Extract tab and select attachments
    extract attachments from msg files
  • Select the MSG folders you want to extract attachments from
  • Click on the browse button the select your desire location on the device
    browse button
  • Now click on the save button visible above on the right panel.

Congratulations! Your attachments from MSG files are now extracted and saved in your selected location. This is how you can extract attachments with just a few clicks. Now take a closer look at the tool. This gives you a reason to use more of this tool.

Know more about the tool

It is not easy to explain all of the functions of the tool in a single article, but we will try to discuss some of them so that you can have some more reasons to love this tool.

Extract attachments in bulk: One of the most important features of the tool is that it saves you a lot of time by saving multiple attachments at the same time. It doesn’t matter how many attachments are in MSG files. This tool can extract all of them at once with a single click.

Attachment Preview: This application allows you to both extract and open attachments. You can preview the attachments in the tool itself. That way, you can first check your attachments to see if they contain valuable information or not. You can also download the single attachment from the tool by clicking on it.

Data Integrity: When you perform the task, all data in MSG files will remain the same as before. This tool does not tamper with your data while it is being extracted. The integrity of the data is preserved and you can find the data in its exact form without losing any files

Simple Interface: This MSG Attachment Extractor has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily do the task without the help of others. It consists of just a few steps in the entire process and does not contain any unnecessary pages or information to make the task difficult for you.

Support under all windows platform: This tool is designed to be supported on all versions of Windows. You don’t need to update to the latest version of Windows before running the application. It’s compatible with the old versions also.

In Conclusion

This article provides a valuable solution to your query How to extract attachments from MSG files without Outlook. Since opening MSG file attachments is not easy if you are not configured with Outlook, in this situation the only thing you can do is use an alternative solution that supports opening MSG files. 4n6 email Converter is a complete solution that can do this task very easy.


By Nick Rogers

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