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How to Export OLM to Gmail Account in Some Simple Steps?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Export • 6 Min Read

Do you have a lot of OLM files on your Windows computer? Having trouble opening them without Outlook for Mac? Well the situation can be solved if you export it to a place where you can easily access it and open it. For this purpose, export OLM to Gmail seems like a good idea. So let the export begins.

Well, it’s obvious that they won’t open without a supported email client or alternative application every time you want to review them.

In this situation, export OLM to Gmail can be a good option, and you might also consider it a good option as you came across this page for an answer on the task.

But, why Google mail for exporting the OLM? Well, this is a good question that needs to be answered.

Some positive points about exporting OLM to Gmail

First of all, if you have a lot of OLM files on your Windows computer, there is no way you can open them without Outlook for Mac. So to cover this situation, if you export OLM to Gmail, they can be easily opened even without the supported client.

The other benefit is that if you export OLM to Gmail, you can access your emails anytime you want. It means you only need to log into the account from any device and the emails from your OLM files are before you. So for this, exporting OLM to Gmail is good.

Aside from this accessibility issue, the other issue that you may face having OLM files on the desktop is the following:

  • Prevent the data from being lost due to an unsafe device crash situation. In this situation, most of the time, users have lost their data due to a device failure.

So to cover all these situation export OLM to Gmail is the best idea. So let us offer you with the solution that can make this export possible.

An Expert’s Approach to Export OLM to Gmail

In this solution, you can find everything you need to get all of the work done easier and faster. One of the best solutions to get the job done quickly and easily is the 4n6 Email Converter. This application is the most suitable solution to export OLM to Gmail.

As you have now know the application you must now get to know how to export OLM to Gmail, which steps you need to take how long the process is. So take a look

Process for exporting OLM to Gmail

  • First, click on the given link to download the tool to your device on which the OLM files are stored

4n6 Email Converter

  • Now install the application by accepting some conditions and run the application


  • Now click the Open tab and then click the Email Data Files and then select Outlook for Mac OLM Files


  • Select all the required OLM files from the computer and load them into the tool
  • As you can now see, all of the OLM files have been loaded in the left pane of the tool. If you want, you can preview the OLM files here


  • Now click on the Export tab and then in the drop down menu on Gmail as Emil Service


  • Enter the Gmail email address and password as the backup account and click the Save button


Once you hit the Save button you will see that the process has begun. Once the process is completed you will be notified about it. A tab will also appear with the information that allows you to access the Gmail account directly from the tool itself.

Next is what? Okay let’s tell you. We are not finished yet. We just gave you the introduction of the tool, which is not enough. You need to know the insights of the tool, and for this you need to know about the specs of the tool. So just take a look at what we have for you in regards to this tool.

Features of the OLM to Gmail Extractor

This part of the article or we can say section about information of the tool is very important. Here you will learn more about the quality of the tool and how this application is best to export OLM to Gmail.

Export Batch OLMs: Are you very particular about your time? Don’t want to spend much of your time exporting OLM to Gmail? No worry you don’t have to, as this tool wants you to only track the process once regardless of the data. Yes, it doesn’t matter how many OLM files you have. I can export them in bulk at the same time.

Preview of OLMs: This feature is the uniqueness of the tool. This tool not only deals with the migration of the data, but also allows you to open and review it. Yes, as you know, OLM files require a support of  email client to be accessed. In this case, you can use this tool to open OLMs during the process.

Preserve the integrity of OLMs: You may definitely not want your OLM files to be tampered with while they are being exported to Gmail. In that case, you can trust the tool. The tool maintains the integrity of all emails. All of their properties are preserved in the same formation.

Self-sufficient: The task is complicate, but not this tool. Regardless of the complexity of the task, the tool is self-sufficient. No support from any other application is required. This tool is stand-alone and likes to work alone without any other configuration.

Compatible: When it comes to compatibility, whether the tool is incompatible with Mac computers but this application is compatible with all Windows version, whether it is new or old. So feel free while using the tool.

In Conclusion

One of the best and easiest ways to export OLM to Gmail is with 4n6 Email Converter. This application proves it. It’s reliable and easy to use, and it gives you all the options to carry out the task more comfortably. So it is recommended to try the tool to accomplish the task.


By Nick Rogers

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