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How to Migrate Communigate to Office 365 Account?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Migrate • 3 Min Read

Read on to learn about migrating CommuniGate Server to Office 365 and the advantages of using Microsoft 365..

Communigate Pro (CGP) is a enterpride grade email server widely used by organizations across the globe. It includes integrated features like as email, calendars, contacts with real-time chat features such as VoIP,  instant messaging, video and whiteboards. Over 26,000 businesses using CommuniGate Pro, including regulated industries. But many firms are turning to other options due to the elimination of numerous platforms and the choice of which spam and antivirus filters to use.

Why should I migrate CommuniGate to Office 365 or Microsoft 365?

Despite its industrial-grade and enterprise-grade design, CommuniGate is far more complex to operate and maintain than Office 365 / Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 has many advantages over CommuniGate Pro Server.

Properly configuring and maintaining several subsystems will require extensive technical expertise, Office 365 also delivers similar functionality but with less maintenance headaches.

Office 365 is cloud-native, meaning that it is more scalable. But, CommuniGate Pro restrictions are dependent on the hardware and network settings of the system on which it is installed.

Using connectors and APIs in CommuniGate Pro to set up Office 365’s capabilities can lead to conflicts and vulnerabilities.

Modern Lifecycle Policy guarantees that consumers are always up to date. CommuniGate Clusters must be upgraded regularly for bug fixes and updates.

Microsoft has specific environments like GCC (GCC), for example, and Office 365 for Nonprofits, for which the compliance or pricing criteria differ from commercial plans. No other such solution suppliers offer products such as these.

Benifits of Migrating from CommuniGate Pro Server to Office 365?

Most firms use CommuniGate Pro as a mail server in-house and need to move their mailbox content first. You can export emails using a CommuniGate MAPI connector for Outlook. You can export emails from CommuniGate accounts to Office 365.

The CommuniGate (MAPI Connector) should be installed on a Windows-powered workstation running Outlook.

Install the MAPI Connector in the groupware setup.

Manual configuration or more server types should appear while creating an account if the setup was done correctly.

Add details about the CommuniGate Pro Server, then restart Outlook.

Export emails, calendars, contacts, and other data stored in the CommuniGate server and export them as PST files. Import them to Exchange Online in Office 365.

How to Migrate from CommuniGate to Office 365?

Migrating from a CommuniGate Pro server to Office 365 can be complex and complicated, as it can be custom-built with in-house, custom-built apps. Further issues may occur if file systems, messaging, VoIP, and other services have to be migrated to Office 365/Microsoft 365. Migration services and tools are required to make this work.

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