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How to Import MSG files into Roundcube Webmail ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Import • 5 Min Read

You are here because you want to import MSG files into Roundcube webmail account. Now don’t worry about your concern because here, you will get a reliable and easy to use technique for your query.

People who are using Outlook must know about the MSG file extension. This file format only supported by Microsoft Outlook. It is not possible to open these files on another platform.

As Outlook is desktop-based email client, you must have backup plan by which you can easily access this file wherever you want.

We have seen that there are some users who need to import MSG files into Roundcube webmail account. You should be familiar with the fact that you cannot manually import Outlook MSG files directly into Roundcube. Here the question arises, is there any way by which you can perform this task.

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The only solution is to use a third-party solution. This blog provides the best solution that can easily meet your requirements.

MSG to Roundcube Importer Tool: A complete solution

4n6 Email Converter is the solution by which you can import MSG to Roundcube webmail account automatically. This application can help you in all the way possible. This is one of the most trusted and reliable solution available.

Let us give you a valid reason to use this tool: Must read

  • This tool is a platform where you can import your files from any of the email service. Whether it’s a desktop based, or cloud based. It successfully supports all of them.
  • You can easily export your files of different file formats. This tool is sufficient to open your all the files such as MBOX, EML, MSG, DBX and so on. You don’t use different tool of different files. Use this tool for all the files.
  • This tool allows you to add multiple IMAP supported email account. So, if you want to import data from different email account you can add your all the account at once and then can transfer your data by open IMAP configured accounts.

These are some of the highlighted in-built function of this MSG to Roundcube importer tool. If you find this tool very useful to you, you must know the process through which you can import MSG files into Roundcube.

How to import MSG to Roundcube Webmail – Step by step

  • After running the application on system
  • Go to open tab and click on email data files
    email data files
  • Select MSG files
  • Select the files from the desktop and open them on the tool
  • Now, go to export tab and select IMAP
  • Enter your Roundcube email address and password
  • Select the files to import into Roundcube and then,
  • Click on the save button

These are the steps by which you can import you MSG files into Roundcube. You can also send your MSG files into different email client such as Gmail or Outlook and many other email services using the IMAP setting.

Inside look at the 4n6 MSG to Roundcube importer tool

When you open this application, you will face a one of the best user interface, with only few tabs on the tool bar. Let’s go through these tabs and see what these tabs contain.

Open tab: It provides you different options such as;

  1. Email data files; this contains all the file formats to be imported or open. You can easily import these files to any of the email client according to your convenience. This setting also allows you to open these files. As you know all the file formats like MBOX and DBX requires supported application to be opened. In this situation you can use this tool.
  2. Desktop email clients; this setting contains all the desktop based email clients. You can use this to open configured accounts to send all the data from one desktop based account to some other account. Your email service may contain lots of email message; you can send all those files to new accounts using this tool.

Export tab. This tab contains lots of documents files and also emails services to which you can export your data. When you send your files from one email service, you need to go to export tab to select the email to which you are about to export your data.

Extract tab. This option allows you to extract files from one email service. When you are in need of all the attachments phone number from any email account you can easily extract with the help of this tool.

The other tabs are register and buy now. You can buy the subscription from this tool for the unlimited use.

Let’s understand why people are choosing Roundcube Webmail to Save and Manage Emails

Roundcube is used by most of the business people, because they want to use email service which can contain their domain name, rather than or

  • Roundcube is most flexible which can be open by using any standard web browser.
  • The user interface of this application is very easy to use.
  • You can open your email anywhere you want.


In this blog, we have provided a complete solution to import MSG files into Roundcube. Using our solution, you can import MSG files with all its properties. If you are happy with our solution, let us know. If you have any query, you can contact us any time. Kindly give us suggestion.


By Nick Rogers

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