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How to Import EML into Roundcube Webmail ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Import • 4 Min Read

Hello, are you having some important EML files on your desktop, and don’t know how to import EML to Roundcube Webmail account? Then, this article is helpful for you.

Let’s understand this with the query below,

“Hi, I have so many EML files on my desktop, which I have downloaded from the desktop based email service. The issue is I cannot carry my desktop everywhere, due to which I cannot access my emails anytime. To overcome this situation, I need to move my EML files to any cloud or web based service. The other email service I’m currently using is Roundcube. I found that importing EML file is not possible without using third party tool. Can you provide me a way by which I can import all my EML files at once with manipulating them?”

If you have this kind of problem and need an immediate answer, you are at the right place. Here, we offer one of the most reliable solutions.

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Introducing the best tool to import EML to Roundcube Webmail

As you know, there is no manual solution to perform this task; you need a third-party solution. 4n6 Email Converter is a tool that allows you to save EML files to your Roundcube account.

EML to Roundcube importer: A solution that live up to expectation

There are many third-party solutions on the internet. Some of them will be paid. And while some of them are free, this free solution will require a subscription after a while. Now let’s explain the powerful reasons for using our tool. For these reasons, you can easily distinguish this tool from other tools.

This tool supports all type of email services that generate EML format whether it’s a desktop based email client or web based email clients: This tool can import data from desktop-based email clients and also cloud-based email clients like Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Thunderbird, Gmail etc. Therefore, if you have data from any of your email services, you can use this tool.

This tool supports various types of file format: If you have multiple file formats other than EML files, you can also use this tool to send and open them.

Import unlimited EML files without any restrictions: This tool doesn’t bound to send only limited number of files. With this tool, you can save all the files at once with just a few clicks.

These are some of the focused qualities of this application that may influence the use of this tool. If you agree and use this solution to import EML to Roundcube Server, you need to know how to do this. So, here we offer you all the steps to make your journey even easier.

Step-by-step guide for importing EML files into Roundcube

  • After downloading the application,
  • Run the application
  • Go to the open tab and click on the Email data files
  • Select EML files
    Email data files
  • Choose files from the desktop and open
  • This tool then will open all the selected files
    open emails
  • Go to the export tab
    export tab
  • Select IMAP as an email service
    Select IMAP
  • Fill your back up email address and password (Roundcube id and password)
    address and password
  • Go to save button and click on it

Your files are imported to Roundcube. Look how easy this process is. One of the great advantages of this tool is that it doesn’t manipulate your files. It saves all the files as it was before.

In-depth look at EML to Roundcube importer tool

It is always a good idea to know more about what you have. Here are some of the features of this application that you can use now or later.

Easy user interface: This application comes with an easy-to-use user interface. So, don’t be afraid while using this application. You can easily find all the options without any help.

Extract your important files using this tool: This application is very useful for extracting multiple properties such as phone numbers, email addresses, and attachments. You can pull out these properties using the extraction options built into this application.

Search your files to save more time: This application provides an option to easily search for files. Do you need to search from a specific email address or from a specific date? Now it is possible with this tool.


This article provides a complete solution to import EML to Roundcube. There is no way to do this manually, so we have provided an easy way to do this using a third-party solution. If you like this article and find it valuable to you. Please comment. Please give us a suggestion.


By Nick Rogers

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