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How to Import DBX Files to Gmail With All Attachments?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Import • 5 Min Read

If you still have DBX files on your computer, it is time you have to do something with them. Because you cannot open them or delete these DBX files because of the important emails they contain. To overcome all of these situations, it is better to import DBX files to Gmail. So let’s begin this task.

It has been a long time since the DBX-compatible Outlook Express email client was discontinued which caused trouble for all users. However, they managed to continue service and they still have DBX files.

But the thing is, you can’t always get stuck on one thing. You have to keep going to see great things. This is why you can feel good when you import DBX files to Gmail. Let’s see what other things you will overcome when you initiate this task.

Why import DBX files to Gmail?

  • It was only possible to open the DBX files until Windows Live Mail was running. When this successor to the Outlook Express account was also blocked, you were left with no service to open these files.
  • So when you import DBX files to Gmail, you can have a platform to review those files on. That means you won’t have any problems opening these files as all you need to do is access the Gmail for DBX files.
  • If you import DBX files into Gmail, you can always access the emails with DBX files. Since Gmail is cloud computing, you don’t need a specific device to access these files. You can access Gmail from any device.
  • On the other hand, if you choose to use Gmail as the platform for importing DBX files, it is a good idea as this service takes care of the users and has so many features for the user experience

We can therefore conclude that importing DBX to Gmail will only have a positive effect on you. So let’s go through the solution that can make this import possible. We have the best suggestion to initiate this task. And we are sure that you will love this solution too. So take a look at what we have for you.

DBX to Gmail Importer: A Finest Solution

The solution that will fix the problem and easily import DBX files to Gmail is the 4n6 Email Converter. This application will help you when there is no manual solution to this task. In the absence of any other direct solution, this alternative application is the most perfect for you.

This DBX to Gmail import gives you a path, a simple path that will lead you to achieve the goal. On the other hand, the application is completely automated, which does not require any additional time and effort on your part. All you have to do is sit and do a few clicks and your DBX files will be in Gmail.

So, know where to do those few clicks. And to know that, check out the steps we’re putting here for your convenience. If you look at the steps here, you won’t need any assistance to complete the job while you will run the tool.

Process for importing DBX files into Gmail

  • Click the link provided to download the DBX to Gmail Importer to your Windows operating device

  • Install the application by accepting some casual terms & conditions and then launch the tool


  • Now you need to click the Open tab to go to Email Data Files and select DBX Files


  • Now select all the required DBX files from the device to load them into the tool
  • As soon as you click on Select folder, all DBX files are loaded into the left area of the DBX importer. Here you can preview the DBX files if necessary


  • Now click on the Export tab and then select Gmail from the drop down list


  • Enter the Gmail email address and password and finally click the Save button in the top left area of the tool


You can then see that the process has started, it will only take a few moments, and your job will be done. Now you can easily access your DBX files in Gmail. Good luck

Now one of the most important things you need to know and this thing can make you love the app. And it’s the features that let you know why this importer is best for you, what those features are used for, and how they make your trip more comfortable. Now to know everything, look at the qualities of the tool.

Features of the tool

  • The tool can import batch DBX files to Gmail instantly
  • It can import DBX files into Gmail with all attachments
  • You can preview DBX files with attachments in the tool
  • The tool allows you to apply filters to import the DBX files
  • This importer is completely independent and virus free
  • DBX to Gmail importer is Compatible with all Windows versions

These are just the highlighted function that we have offered you as an overview. You will find many when faced with the tool. Hence, it is recommended that you quickly go through the app and import DBX files to Gmail with ease.

In Conclusion

It is time to get over the DBX files, move them out of local storage, and give them a better platform for easy access. For this purpose, DBX files are better imported into Gmail. And the DBX to Gmail converter helps a lot for that. So what’s the delay for, go and get the tool to quickly import DBX files to Gmail


By Nick Rogers

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