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How to Migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Migrate • 5 Min Read

Do you have so many MDaemon mailbox files on your local storage?

Thinking of migrating them to the cloud account for better accessibility?

Okay, then proceed to do this job. Today we are going to talk about those who are using Yahoo account and looking for a more reliable solution to help them migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail.

The migration of data used to be just a want. But given present time, it has now become a need that needs to be met before an appropriate time. Take a look at some of the current situations that are causing people to migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail

Scenario Causing people Migrating from MDaemon to Yahoo Mail

Because the MDaemon server files are stored locally on the device and if the device stops working, you will not be able to access the old email that you may need for further work. Because of this, all local data needs to be migrated to an account that you can access anytime from any device and from anywhere.

The other purpose of the migration is to change the account that will require data migration because you may don’t want to leave the important emails behind and will have to migrate them to be able to access them in the future.

Well migration of data always helps in different situation, but migration may not be as easy as there is no direct solution available to perform this task. for this purpose you need to use an alternative application can migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail. So let us introduce you to the application

An Alternative Solution to Migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail

4n6 MDaemon Converter is the most reliable and easy to use application and best suited to do the job. It has the quality an application needs to be in order to be as convenient for users as possible.

What makes this application best for users is the small process that it consists of. It only takes a few steps to apply and your job is done. So check out the guide and quickly migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail.

Process for Migrating MDaemon Server to Yahoo

  • First, download the app on your Windows compatible computer / tablet by tapping on the given link


  • Now install the application by following the instructions and then after the installation is finished, launch the application


  • Click the Open tab and then click to select the Choose files or Choose folders option from the drop-down menu


  • Now start choosing the MDaemon server files from the device. And then click “select folder” to upload them to the tool


  • You will now be able to see all the selected MDaemon server mailboxes has been uploaded in the left panel of the tool. Here before migration if you want to preview the emails, it is possible


  • Now click on the Export tab and then select IMAP


  • Enter the Yahoo email address and password for migration and also provide the incoming Yahoo server name and then hit the Save


Note: the incoming server address for the Yahoo account is (

The process will start soon when you hit the Save button. It will only take a few minutes to fully migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail. Congratulations! Your work is done.

After the process, the second most important thing you need to know about the tool is its features. Because this is the factor that can tell you about this application, how effective it is and how efficiently you can do the job using the various built-in options.

Features of MDaemon to Yahoo Migrator

Batch MDaemon Migration:  If you are limited in time and you have tons of MDaemon server files on the device that you need to migrate for Yahoo, this tool is best for you. The tool allows you to bulk migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail without displaying any restrictions on file selection.

Migrate Selected MDaemon Files:  Sometimes you need to migrate certain emails from certain addresses or from a certain period of time in which you received the most important emails. In this situation, the tool is best because you can apply filters to migrate certain emails.

Allow MDaemon Preview:  As time goes by, you sometimes forget what information your MDaemon mailboxes contain, whether it is important to the migration or not. For this purpose, the tool allows you to take a preview of the mailboxes. You can open and review them before the migration process.

Preserve data originality:  One of the main concerns of users when choosing the alternative application is that their data integrity is preserved. In this case, you can trust this application as it keeps the original format of all emails such as subject, to, cc from. You can find the e-mails in the same way as on the MDaemon server.

In Conclusion

Since there is no straightforward solution to migrate MDaemon to Yahoo Mail. The only remaining option is to use an alternate application. For the job at hand, the MDaemon to Yahoo! Migrator is considered to be the best tool. As it gives you the convenience you need to easily get the job done.



By Nick Rogers

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