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How to Easily Move from G Suite to Microsoft 365?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Migrate • 5 Min Read

Hey, do you want to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365? Well, both email services are especially for business purpose and are somewhat similar but different. So this task can be thought-eating, but if the majority of users ask to complete the task, it should be solved.

Hello, I have been using both the G Suite and Microsoft 365 service for my business purpose. And after using them for a long time, I decided to trade only one account instead of two. My G Suite account subscription is about to end, so it is the right time to move from G Suite Microsoft 365. So can someone help me in this way and answer how do I move all emails to Microsoft 365?

There are several very different purposes of different users that lead them to another email service. But the question is, is it easy to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365.

Moving from the account is the most difficult task, as there may not be a direct function to move all email to the other account in the first place. The other difficulty is that you always have a lot of data in the account, and that makes the wall very big between whether or not to move to another account.

So, let’s see whether or not you can move from the G Suite account

A Possible way to Move from G Suite to Microsoft 365

There is a possible way to easily move all data from G Suite to Microsoft 365 and that is the 4n6 EmailBakup app. Other than using the alternative app, there is no solution. So if you urgently need to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365, you can try the suggested app

This application is best suited for doing this type of work and it comes with so many features that it allows you to easily move all your data to another account. So to know the depth of the application you should review its advantages.

Features of the tool

  • You can move all G Suite mailboxes at once in bulk
  • The tool allows you to move all the attachments with emails.
  • You can preview the email before moving it to Microsoft 365
  • You can search the email or specific attachments for review
  • Maintains the integrity of G Suite account emails in your while they are being processed
  • Completely autonomous and does not require support from another application

Apart from these primary characteristics, the best quality of the tool is that it does not require you to go through the big process. Just follow the few steps and the job is done. Don’t believe us? You check out the guide on your own and quickly move from G Suite to Microsoft 365.

Process for Moving from G Suite to Microsoft 365

  • You must first click on the link provided to download the application on your Windows operating system

Download Email Backup

  • Now get ready to install the app by following some casual terms and once the setup is completely finished launch the app


  • Now click on the Open tab and then from the drop down list click on Add Account


  • Enter the email address and password for G Suite and also enter the incoming server name for G Suite


Attention here If you are facing any error while adding the account in the tool, then make sure IMAP and other policy should be enabled less secure. If the software still shows any error like; Failed to add account, Provide IMAP server Information”. Click here.
  • Once the account is successfully added, the tool starts loading G Suite mailboxes in the left pane. Here if you need, you can preview the emails from G Suit


  • Now click on the Export tab and then click on Office 365 in the menu


  • Enter your Office 365 email address and password and then click the Save button


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move all G Suite mailboxes at once without any restrictions?

Yes, you will not face any limitations when selecting any amount of data once you purchase a license version. Only a free version restricted you to moving only 10 items from each folder.

Can I use the tool to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365 in another device with the same license key?

Yes, you just need to download the app on another device and then you need to register the same license key to get your job done.

Can I use the tool to move emails from multiple G Suite accounts?

Yes, you can use the tool at any time to move emails from any number of G Suite account.

Can I use the tool on Mac devices to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365?

No, the tool is not yet supported to run on Mac. But you can use it on any version of Windows.

In Conclusion

The suggestion tool proves to be the best as it allows you to do this. This task was never easy if there was no workaround. The application provides all the comfort you need to perform and complete the task. So if you want to move from G Suite to Microsoft 365 in less time and with full integrity, give this tool a try.


By Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is your go-to Email Migration Specialist and Content Creator, dedicated to simplifying the intricate world of email transitions while delivering top-notch content that resonates with both tech enthusiasts and everyday users.