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How Do i Import My Old Email into Gmail?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Import • 6 Min Read

Today in this article we’re going to cover the most important question asked by many users: How do I import my old email into Gmail? There are many users asking for the same thing all the time, but their purposes are different and hence the emails.

Hence, it is necessary to offer you a single solution to the entire email migration problem.

Take a look at some of the queries and analyze what situation the users are in and what emails they want to import into Gmail

Hi, I am using a desktop based email client for email communication. However, if I am not on a device that has the account configured, it becomes very difficult for me to access the email because all of the email is stored in local storage. Gmail is my secondary account and now I need the entire desktop account in Gmail for easy access. So can you help me on how do i import my old email into Gmail?

The other query is based on the cloud-based account

Hello, I manage multiple accounts for sending and receiving email for different purposes such as: for personal and professional work. Now it is very difficult for me to manage multiple accounts. Instead of managing different accounts, I need to use a single account, which is Gmail. Can someone please tell me how do i import my old email into Gmail?

As you can see and understand from the two queries that both situations are different, one asks for the desktop and the other for the import of the cloud-based account.

And now there are a lot of different clients in system-based and cloud-based, so it becomes necessary to find a solution that can do all of these things. Means an all-in-one solution that supports importing desktop and cloud-based old emails into Gmail.

So just check out the complete and reliable solution.

A Suitable Solution for User Queries on How Do I Import my Old Email into Gmail?

It doesn’t matter which email client you use system-based or cloud-based, which email files are in local storage. The 4n6 Email Converter supports importing all files.

Whether you are configured with the desktop email client or not and only have supported files, the tool can also import them. That is why we call it a complete solution because this solution will completely solve your question of how do i import old email into Gmail.

Now we offer you the complete process for completing the task. We offer you one by one for both systems based and web based accounts. Take a look at that and quickly solve the query.

Process of Importing Old Emails from the System to the Gmail Account

  • First, you need to download the application on your computer from the link below

  • Now install the application following some terms and conditions and run the tool as soon as it is ready


  • Now click on the Open tab and then click on Desktop Email Clients. Then select your preferred account on the device


Note: If you are not configured with the account and only have files, you will need to click Email Data Files and then select the necessary files to import
  • Once you’ve selected the files or accounts you need, all of the data will be loaded into the tool. You can preview it if necessary.


  • Now click on the Export tab and then click on Gmail as an email service


  • Enter the Gmail email address and password and finally hit the Save


This is how you can import the old emails to Gmail.

Now, take a look at how to import the old emails from a cloud based account into Gmail. The steps are just a little different.

Process of Importing Old Email from a Cloud Account into Gmail

  • Once you have launched the application on your device
  • Click the Open tab, select Email Accounts, and then click Add Account
  • Enter the email address and password of the account from which you want to import email, and also provide the IMAP server name for the account
  • Once you’ve added an account, all the data will be loaded into the tool. You can also preview them if necessary
  • Now click on the Export tab and then choose Gmail from the drop down menu
  • Enter the Gmail account credentials and click the Save

Well, your question is now resolved on how do I import my old email into Gmail? Regardless of what email client you have that has old e-mail in it, you can import it using one of the methods described.

Wait, wait, the application has a lot more to offer you. The export of old emails is just a main quality. However, what makes this export more reliable and easier are the other features that you need to know as these features show you how efficient this application is.

Features of the Gmail Importer

  • The application can import old emails in large quantities without data breakage
  • It supports the import of e-mails with all the attachments they contain.
  • You can only import selected emails using the built-in filters in the tool
  • Supports import of various email data files and the old email of system based accounts
  • It supports to import all old emails from the IMAP supported account
  • It’s a completely stand-alone application and doesn’t require any other setup
  • Allows you to preview all the emails you want to import into Gmail
  • It Supports execution on any version of Windows.

Do you love this application? Well it is natural because a single application gives you all the benefits. So, if you want a one stop shop, you have to try this tool to easily complete the task.

In Conclusion

For all of the users asking, how do i import my old email into Gmail? You no longer need to ask this question as the Gmail importer tool is the answer to your question. With this application, you can get the job done in a few moments.



By Nick Rogers

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