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How to Extract Email Address from .msg File?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract • 5 Min Read

There are many users who always need different email addresses due to the demands of work. Email accounts or email files are the primary way to collect these email addresses. But just extracting addresses from the files is quite difficult, but also necessary. To that end, we have come up with the most reliable solution for those who just want to extract email address from .msg file.

Hello, because of the nature of work, I always need different email addresses. I have so many MSG files that I can use to get email addresses. However, it can be very difficult just to extract email addresses from it when the files contain a lot of other information as well. So can you help with the solution that allows me to just extract email address from .msg file?

This query gave us the idea and helped us knowing what problems people are facing in today’s scenario, and what kind of requirement they have to overcome their problem.

So keeping in mind all the factors, we offer you the solution that fits all your need.

An Ultimate Solution to Extract Email Address from .msg File

Whatever you need to make your task fun and easier can be found in this one application. And this application is 4n6 Email Converter. The tool best fit all of your needs and quickly extract email address from .msg file.

It has various functions that make your work more convenient. Check out some of these to get an idea of what this tool has in store for you.

Features of the MSG Email Address Extractor

  • The tool allows you to batch extract email address from .msg file
  • You can preview the MSG files during the process
  • You can preview all attachments in the MSG file that contain addresses
  • The tool allows you to choose specific fields like From, To, Cc, Subject, etc.
  • You can also extract email addresses from the attachments
  • The application is compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Preserves the integrity of all email addresses from the MSG file

These are just the highlighted features of the tool. Once you get into the tool, you will find many others. Now let’s just take a look at the demo guide to get familiar with the process of the tool. The process is just a small one, you look for yourself.

Process for Extracting Email Address from .msg File

  • Download the MSG email address extractor on the computer on which your MSG files are stored

4n6 Email Converter

  • Now install the application following to the terms and install it once the setup is complete


  • Click the Open tab, select Email Data Files, and then click MSG


  • Select all the required MSG files that you want to extract the email address from and upload them to the application
  • You can now see all of the selected MSG files loaded into the left pane of the tool. Here you can preview the email addresses if required


  • Now click on the Extract tab and then from drop-down menu select the Email Address


  • Click the Browse button to specify the desired destination for the resulting files, and then click the Save


You will see that the process has started. The complete extraction of the e-mail addresses only takes a few moments. You will be informed as soon as the process is complete. A tab will also appear to open the location where your files were saved. You can use this tab however you like.

If you have any questions about this tool, you can have a look at some of the questions detailed below. This session might solve your problem. So check out

Frequently Asked Question

Does this tool restricted to any data size?

No, this application can extract as many email addresses from the MSG file as you need. Only a demo version offers you 10 items from each folder. But when you upgrade with the License key, there are no restrictions.

Can I use the same license key on a different device to extract email address from .msg file?

Yes, you need to register the same license key after downloading the tool to another device and then you can perform the task.

Do I need additional settings for this application to extract the email address from .msg file?

No, this application is an all-rounder and independent. You don’t need to configure any other application with this MSG email address extractor to do your job.

In Conclusion

Now you don’t have to worry if you are stuck in a situation where you need to extract email address from .msg file, as this task is no more a complication task when you have a MSG email address extractor. This application is the solution to your entire email file related problem. So leave all worries behind and try this tool to get the job done in comfort.



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