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How to Extract Attachments from Maildir Files in Simple Steps?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract • 5 Min Read

Do you have Maildir files on your desktop that you want to extract attachments from? What problem do you face in initiating this task? Is it the so many Maildir files you have or is it a solution that doesn’t allow you to extract attachments from Maildir files all at once? Well you no longer need to worry or search as we have a solution that will extract attachments no matter how many Maildir files you have.

Some Issues with Extracting Attachments from Maildir

  • As with Maildir format, each email is stored in separate files with a unique name, so it becomes very difficult to extract attachments from all of them at once when there are so many Maildir files
  • If you only have Maildir files you will have problems opening them as they will not open without a compatible email client or supported application. Therefore, it is more difficult to extract attachments even if you want to extract attachments one at a time.

And all of these problems can be solved if you find a suitable solution, i.e. a solution that can extract and even open all attachments at once. Hence, we offer you a solution that will help you fix all your problems and extract attachments from Maildir easily and conveniently.

A Best Solution to Extract Attachments from Maildir

4n6 Email Converter is the application for all your extraction problems. This is the solution that can end your research journey by giving you so many benefits. Whatever you need is in this one application, do you want ease of use? Extract all attachments at once? Would you like to open Maildir file attachments first? You can do all of these things in this application and that’s why we call it the best solution.

Now without delay, let’s jump to the process you need to perform to extract attachments from Maildir. Don’t be afraid, there isn’t a big process to waste your time. It consists of just a few steps. You only need to go through two tabs to just get the job done. Don’t you believe us? Okay, you look for yourself.

Process that Only Needs Two Tabs to Extract All Attachment from Maildir

  • First of all, you need to Download the Maildir attachment extractor on your Windows device by clicking the given link

4n6 Email Converter

  • Now Install the application by following some of the occasional terms and conditions. And once the setup is done, Launch it


  • Now the first tab is Open. Click on it to select Email Data Files, then select Maildir from the options given


  • Browse through all of the Maildir files that you want to extract attachments from. When you have selected all of the required Maildir files, click “Select Folder” to load them into the tool
  • Now you will see all the selected Maildir files have started to load, once the loading is complete. You can preview it if you want


  • Now the second tab is Extract. Click on it and choose Attachments from the drop-down menu


  • Click the Browse button to select the location for the resulting files and then click the Save


As soon as you click the Save button, the process will start. The process only takes a few moments and you will be notified when it is complete. Your attachments will now be extracted to the desired location. Congratulation!

What do you think we’re done now? Well, we don’t plan to leave you now. We only need a few minutes from you because we want to tell you something that it is in your concern. Would you like to know what these are?

These are the features, because once you know what benefits this application provides, then you can start figuring out how this application is best suited to extract attachments from Maildir. It is therefore recommended to look at them.

Some Features of the Maildir Attachments Extractor

Ease of Use: By the time you’ve gone through the process, you may already understand that it isn’t complicated to complete the task on this application. However, it is our responsibility to expressly notify you of this. This application is very easy to use and you will not have any problems while doing the task.

Extract Bulk Attachments: Do you want to save time by extracting tons of attachments at once? Then this application suits you best because with this application you don’t have to spend hours doing a single task. No matter how many attachments your Maildir files have, this app can extract them all at once.

Attachment Preview: Well this application is a completely surprise package and you will understand this phrase when you’ll run the tool. As you can understand from this feature, this application not only extracts attachments but also allows you to preview those attachments. Therefore, this application also acts as a supported application for opening Maildir files.

Preserve the Integrity: If you are concerned about the integrity of the files, then there is nothing to worry about. Coz this application takes care of the integrity of all your files while extracting them. No files will be manipulated. You can trust us on this.

As mentioned in the heading, these are just a few of the features. To find out other functions, you know what to do. So if you need to extract attachments from Maildir, you know what to do.

In Conclusion

Since extracting attachments from Maildir could have been the most stressful process if you haven’t met up with the Maildir Attachment Extractor. This solution is best for extracting attachments no matter how many files you have and how many attachments they contain. So what we can say: If you need to extract attachments from Maildir more easily and conveniently, you can try our suggested app.



By Nick Rogers

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