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How to Easily Export Hotmail to PDF Format With All the Attachments?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Export • 5 Min Read

Are you still configured with the Hotmail account? Are you finally thinking of moving away from it? What is the plan for saving the emails? We assume that because of the most valuable emails, you can’t just simply switch from the account. Therefore, a backup plan must be in place so that you can suspend the account and save its email on a secure platform. Well, PDF is the best substitute for this purpose. Did you like our proposal? If you want, we can export Hotmail to PDF.

It’s been a long time since the Hotmail service was suspended, but users are still using it in a different account like Outlook. Well it seems out of date when we look up in the domain name of someone’s email addresses

And some users feel the same way with their Hotmail account. Hence, they need to backup the emails first before suspending the account. So that in the future if they need to access those emails they can do so. And PDF is a good platform for that and why? Take a look

Why should you choose PDF to save Hotmail account emails?

  • PDF is one of the easiest file formats to access that doesn’t need any expensive application to open. Any standard application and it can be accessed
  • This file format does not require any internet connection. You can easily open it anywhere, anytime and even on the phone and that is why people want to export Hotmail to PDF.
  • And the other thing is that it is a very good file format that properly organizes your emails with attachments. It maintains the data properly so that you do not have any problems accessing your emails.

There are many other advantages of choosing PDF as the platform for storing the Hotmail emails. All we can say is that exporting Hotmail to PDF can only benefit you.

Are you ready for this export Hotmail to PDF? Well you are going to need a solution in order to do this. So let yourself be overcome by this situation too. We offer you a solution that can do this export. You take a look at, know and get the job done quickly.

A Perfect Solution to Export Hotmail to PDF File Format

The program that is the solution to your current problem is 4n6 EmailBakup. This application is best suited to accomplish this task. It is a reliable and trustworthy application and can export Hotmail to PDF without tampering with any data.

The best thing about this tool is that it has so many benefits for you. That is why we propose this application to you. It is made up of so many features that it will make this task easier for you to complete.

It is then recommended to know these functions in order to know the tool better. You can use these functions to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool. So check them out here.

Some of the Features that Hotmail to PDF Exporter Offers

  • This application has a simple user interface for ease of use
  • It can export bulk Hotmail emails or folders as PDF instantly
  • You can also export attachments contained in the Hotmail account
  • You can export all or selected folders from Hotmail account
  • Allows you to preview the Hotmail emails before exporting them
  • Allows the process to be paused and played so that you can control it
  • This application is very valuable to the forensic investigator

Would you like more of the functions? Well you will get. There are many others qualities of the tool that we have not yet revealed. There are plenty of surprises for you. To find out those, you need to go to the tool.

Now you need to look at the instructions. Which instructions? Well the process you need to go through to export Hotmail to PDF. We provide you with the complete guide so that you don’t have any problems during the actual task implementation.

Process for Exporting Emails from Hotmail to PDF

  • First of all, click on the link provided to Download the Hotmail to PDF exporter on your Windows compatible device

Download Email Backup

  • Now install the application accepting general terms and condition and then after the setup is done, Run the application


  • Now click on the Open tab and then select Add Account from the drop down list


  • Enter Hotmail Account Address and Password and also provide the IMAP server name


Note: IMAP server name for Hotmail account is (
  • Now you will see that Hotmail account mailboxes have started to load on the left pane of the tool. Here you can preview them, if you need


  • Now click on Export tab and then click on PDF as document files


  • Click on Browse button to select the required location for saving the resultant files and then lastly hit on the Save


The mailboxes of your Hotmail accounts will now be saved in a few moments in PDF format and in the location you selected.

In Conclusion

It has now become easy to export Hotmail to PDF and this is due to the Hotmail to PDF exporter. This application is perfect in every way as it gives you the convenience you need to get the job done with ease. So do you need one of the best experiences while performing the task? You know what you have to use.



By Nick Rogers

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