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How to Convert vCard to HTML File?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Convert • 4 Min Read

There are some people who choose HTML to convert their vCard files instead of any other format. The reason may be such that they can open HTML with much ease that they do not open vCard files. To open HTML, you only need to have a standard web browser. So this could be the reason why you need to convert vCard to HTML file.

And you don’t end up on this blog by accident either; you must also have the same problem which needs to be fixed. So your question will now be answered. So stay with us until the end of the article.

Can We Manually Convert vCard to HTML File?

No, there is no manual support for converting vCard files to HTML or opening them. These files can only be open in Outlook (single file at a time) and apart from this feature, no features are offered.

And that is why to solve this type of user problems there are people who developed such technology that makes your life easier.

So let us introduce you to one of the best tools to convert vCard to HTML very easily and quickly.

vCard to HTML Converter: A Professional Choice

A tool that makes your work easier and more enjoyable is the 4n6 vCard Converter. This application is very easy to use and you can complete the task in less than a minute. It has all the quality you need in a tool and facilitates a simple path to convert vCard to HTML file.

This app is an all-in-one solution and supports exporting all versions of vCard files. You can convert all vCard files to a single HTML document, or you can create a separate document for every vCard file. With this tool, you can easily take advantage of many options. Now jump directly to the work process where you can reach your destination (HTML file).

Step-By-Step Guide to Convert vCard to HTML File

Suggestion: The vCard converter app comes with a demo version. Try it out to learn about the tool’s work process, efficiency and effectiveness. You can export 10 vCard files from each folder without a license key. If you want to get the most out of the tool, buy a license once and process your work each time.

  • After download the tool from the given link, install it by agreeing on the casual terms


  • Now prepare to launch the and begin the conversion process
  • Go to Open tab and the click on the following option at your desire Choose Folders or Choose Files


  • Select all the required files from the device and then open them on the tool, once the files are loaded, you can also take a preview of them on clicking.


  • Click on the Export tab and then select HTML as document files


  • Click on browse button to select the favourite location to save the resultant HTML files. Now finally click on the Save


Congratulation! Your vCard files will now be converted into HTML files in few moments and at your selected location. If you want to open the location directly, you can click on the tab that this tool offers you after completing the process.

Now let’s go on a journey to learn more about the tools. This will help you decide how to use this tool further.

Know More About the vCard Converter tool

Ease of use: One of the great qualities of the tool is to provide an easy path to perform the task. No technical assistance is required. All features and processes are self-understanding. The interface of the tool is very simple and you won’t be distracted by unwanted popups.

Allow preview: This feature enable you to open the vCard files. As you may know vCard files cannot be open manually, so in that case you can use this tool check the vCard files and then can proceed to convert vCard to HTML file.

Compatibility: This tool is designed to run any version of Windows. You do not need to update your device to the latest version to install the app. The app is compatible with all regardless of whether you are using an older version.

Maintains file integrity and security. When it comes to data integrity, the tool is highly trusted. You can find your data as secure as before and without losing any information or files. The tool does not contain any kind of malware, so feel free to use the tool.

In Conclusion

Anyone who wants to convert vCard to HTML may know that it is not possible manually. You need to use the alternative application to perform this task. So if you really need a conversion, you can think of using our suggested app, the vCard converter. We only can suggest, the final call is yours.


By Nick Rogers

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