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How to Convert MBOX to CSV in Quick in Easy Steps?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Convert • 5 Min Read

There are billions of email accounts so as users. And there are different users with the different needs. Just like many users need to convert MBOX to CSV. As the query is made by many users, it is necessary to solve their problem since our only purpose is to solve the user query with the most perfect solution. So the topic of the article is all about that. So let’s start with the conversion.

“Hello, I have received so many MBOX files from my colleague with the requirement to convert them to CSV format. Now I don’t have a supported application to open the MBOX files and I also don’t know how to convert MBOX to CSV. The MBOX files are in a hundred. So help me find the solution that will take some time to complete the job quickly.”

Since the Thunderbird account supports MBOX format and the account does not give you such an option to convert MBOX to CSV.

So the only option left is to use an alternate application that will facilitate a path by walking you can reach your destination. Now let us introduce you to the application so that you can complete the task quickly.

An Appropriate Solution to Convert MBOX to CSV

This application is the solution to your data conversion problem. Whatever you need to make this task the easiest thing to do is included in this one software. And the software is 4n6 Email Converter. It has all the quality and is an automated solution that only takes part of your time and the rest is on the tool.

This application can convert MBOX to CSV regardless of the data. As in the query, the user is asking for a solution that will convert tons of files at once. Hence, you may also need a solution that can do this conversion regardless of the data.

So take a look at the features of the tool and see how this application makes your task easier with its features. These features are unique in every way.

Features of the MBOX to CSV Converter

Easy to use application: the main quality that any application must have is simplicity. As you run the tool, you will find that there are no complicated things to make you hesitate. The application has a user-friendly interface that makes it even easier to convert MBOX to CSV.

Convert Batch MBOX to CSV: This is the quality that every user wants for their solution. And this application always offers you convenience. No matter how many MBOX files you have and how many emails they contain, this application supports converting any number of data, so it can save you a lot of time.

MBOX File Preview: Yes, this feature may surprise you. You can preview the MBOX files with the tool. As if you don’t have a Thunderbird account and want to check the MBOX, you can think of this tool. So you can use it not only as a converter but also as a viewer.

Maintain MBOX integrity: you don’t have to worry about the format of your data being changed after the conversion. The application is very good at ensuring the integrity of the data. So you can trust this application for this matter.

Compatible and stand-alone: You can run the MBOX converter on any version of Windows. So you don’t need to update The Windows to use this tool if you have an old version. On the other hand, the application is independent and does not require the assistance of any other application.

Did you find these features useful? Trust us; these aren’t the only features you will find in this application. As soon as you go to the application, you will find more surprises.

Let’s now look at the process so that you know how to use these features and how many steps to go to convert MBOX to CSV.

Process for converting MBOX to CSV

  • Download the MBOX converter tool to the device where the MBOX files are stored

4n6 Email Converter

  • Install the application by choosing the preferred language and finally launch the application


  • Click the Open option and then go to Email Data Files to select MBOX


Note: If you are configured with the Thunderbird account, you can go to Desktop Email clients and then click Thunderbird Account to select the configured account
  • Select all the desired MBOX files or folders from the device and prepare them for loading into the tool
  • All selected MBOX files are loaded in the left area of ​​the tool. You can click the folders to preview them


  • Now click on the Export tab and then click CSV as Document Files


  • Click the Browse button to choose a destination for the processed files and finally click the Save


Your task is now complete. Your MBOX files will be converted to CSV, now you can continue processing your work.

In Conclusion

The MBOX to CSV Converter is the perfect solution for this MBOX conversion task. This application is efficient and effective, and it offers you all the convenience to convert MBOX to CSV in a few moments. So, if you need a solution that will save you time and require less effort, this is the application that you need to try.


By Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is your go-to Email Migration Specialist and Content Creator, dedicated to simplifying the intricate world of email transitions while delivering top-notch content that resonates with both tech enthusiasts and everyday users.