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Securely Archive Your Business Emails from Any Mail Server

  • Archive Emails from Any Web Mail Server to Local PC & Hard Drive
  • Store your email data from Online Web Server to almost Any other Web Server
  • Archive to 60+ Email Servers & Accounts such as Gmail, Office 365, IMAP
  • Supports to archive emails with attachments, email labels etc.
  • Archival of email in Document Files such as PDF, HTML, CSV, Text
  • Compatible to create repository of emails from any IMAP Server
  • Store emails in Document Files such as PDF, HTML, CSV, Text
  • Conduct Granular Searches by Sender / Recipient , By Date, by Subject etc
  • Extraction of Email Address , Attachments selectively when you require
  • Preserve data for the long-term & keep your mail server Clutter Free

Archive a Copy of Emails to Almost Anywhere You Require

Save your Mail Server Storage Space with Us!


  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Office 365
  • Hotmail
  • G Suite
  • iCloud
  • GMX
  • Axigen
  • FastWeb Mail
  • Workmail
  • Earthlink
  • Cox Mail
  • AOL Mail
  • DreamHost
  • BlueHost
  • Lycos
  • AIM
  • Comcast
  • GoDaddy
  • Webmail
  • Charter Mail

Target Destinations

Email File Formats




Document Files :





Email Services :

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Office 365
  • AOL Mail
  • G Suite
  • iCloud
  • Many More

Centralized Email Archiving Software for All your Emails

Archive Your Emails From Any Web Server

This Email Archiver software is a powerful email archiving solution which compresses and archives older emails with the intention of referencing at a future stage. It helps to maintain a Junk Free Email account. Using email archiving would improve the effectiveness of long-term storage than email retention on the Email server. This Mail Archiver Tool is capable of fetching & archiving email data from most commonly used mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365,,Hotmail,G Suite,iCloud, GMX, Axigen, FastWeb Mail, Workmail, Earthlink, Cox Mail. AOL Mail, DreamHost, BlueHost, Lycos,,, AIM, Comcast, GoDaddy, Webmail, Charter Mail & many More.

Note : It is mandatory to login using your email account credentials to start the Mail archival process

Securely Store Your Archive Locally

Also, the management & analysis of the data also increases exponentially as the amount of data becomes increases. Data that is not archived on a safe central repository could forever be lost. You can make data processing that much easier if you archive your data which is not used or rather seldom accessed. For this 2 options are made available in Mail Archiver Tool to archive older or unused data.

  • Email Files (PST , EML & MBOX)
  • Documents Files (PDF , HTML, CSV & TEXT)

Archiving Data to Email Files

This email archival solution enables to archive a local copy of emails in PST , EML & MBOX File Formats. Such file format are most commonly used by popular email clients like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail & many more,

  • PST :It enables to create individual PST for each folder / single for all folders
  • EML: You get the option to define the required File Naming options.
  • MBOX: While archiving, an .mbox file is created for every folder.

Archiving Data to Document Files on PC or Hard Drive

This Email Archiver software offers to archive email data into variety of document files such as PDF , HTML, CSV & TEXT file format which are accessible with its supports applications such as PDF in Adobe PDF Reader (used for any legal proposes), HTML(in any web Browser), CSV( in MS Excel), Text File(in NotePad)

Archive Messages Directly to 50+ Mail Servers

This Email Archiving Software acts as a gateway to your mail server & supports to archive all your emails , attachments, mailboxes, email folders , labels from Mail Server to Another Mailbox or Mail Server Accounts. Even before you archive the data, you could very well preview the data. This Email Archiver software facilitates with an integrated management interface lets you monitor and configure your cloud-based Email account as per requirement. It support to archive mailboxes to almost any Mail Server. All you need is to Provide Email Address, Password , Port Number to Access the required Accounts.

Automatically populate server settings

After entering the account's correct email address and password, the Email Archiving Software will immediately attempt to set up the account, which helps you to archive emails from the server. You need to insert the complete e-mail address into the into the User Name field. Or you can click on the Find button to automatically populate server settings

Note: You must know your email address and password, the mail server name given by your Internet services providers, in order to complete these steps within Mail Archiver Tool

Add & Manage Multiple IMAP Configured Accounts

You can not only add and manage several accounts, but can also switch between separate accounts' inboxes whenever desired to take complete archive of mailboxes. . This can be done by Adding Multiple Account, prior to the Archival process.

Define Time-Frame of Archive

Using this Email Archiving Software helps to define the time frame of the archive. That is, in cases when your online mailboxes are full, you can simple archive them locally or to a new Account & reduce the storage space.

Refine Your Archival Data

Sometimes, only limited data archives are required instead of the whole mailbox. In email archival solution you have some predefined refining possibilities. You may use the Search & Archive option for more comprehensive archiving.

  • Archive only Email Addresses
  • Archive only Attachments
  • Archive Phone Numbers
  • Archive Associated Email & Phone Numbers
Perform Search & Archive only desired Emails

This email archival solution enables to provide keyword searching & archive desired Email data. It meets eDiscovery demands without archiving, & successfully archive selective data required by the user. For comprehensive search you can perform Search by Email fields such as (Recipient or Sender Address, Name, Subject, Content, Cc, Property Value, Property ID, Property Name, Time From, Subject, Date, Body Content, Content, Has Attachment, Date From/To, File Name, File size (defined values).

Predefined & Custom File Naming

The Email Archiver software prepared you to be well equipped for post archival procedures. Since it gets difficult to search all emails within Windows File Explorer Search, the Email Archiving Software helps you with File naming options, which helps to archive every email name file naming convention like Subject, From-Subject, From, Date, Subject, Year- Month-day-hour-minute-second-subject, Message-Auto Increment, & Custom Naming Option. This option is only available for Conversion options : EML, PDF, HTML, TEXT

Download the Mail Archival Software
*The Trial version will archive only 10 messages/folder for free.
Software Specifications
System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(2.4 GHz is recommended).

Operating System Windows 10(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 4.3

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Few Words From Our Clients

Our goal is to provide a service that keeps our clients happy. We are
pleased to hear any feedback they have to us.

Throughout the perspective of an IT administrator, the installation and management of Email Archivers is convenient. The Email Archiving Software is much easy to configure & are incredibly lightweight when it comes to the archiving methods offered."

Christina Carson, Turkey

The email archival solution helped us to incorporate an e-mail archive in our business that fulfills all the storage criteria and minimizes the size of our mailbox servers. This product is transparent & thanks to its quick installation and administration. The low cost is an added benefit for us

Monica Galetti, Peru

We could switch from the old to new servers by archiving our emails - without even a need of complex migration procedures . Now our users can use their old e-mails without the burden of  old mails in new server. Thanks to the Email Archival Software.

Marcus Wallace, Kenya
How to Archive Emails from Multiple Servers & Email Domains ?

Follow the instructions for archiving emails below using Email Archiving Software:

  • Step 1. Run Email Archiver software. Choose Open > Add Accounts
  • Step 2. Submit Email & Password Address. Enter IMAP Server/Port Info via Advanced Settings. To identify incoming server address automatically, press Find button.
  • Step 3. Preview all IMAP account e-mails for archival
  • Step 4. Choose from Archive selections : EML, MBOX, PST, PDF, HTML, TXT, CSV, Gmail , Office 365 , IMAP
  • Step 5. Perform Search in Mail Archival Tool to create a copy of only selective emails
  • Step 6. Archive successfully locally or to another email server or account


How do I archive older emails?

"I am in G Suite with a huge (138 GB) mailbox and I need to access the emails in Outlook 365. I don't need to wipe old files, but I want to archive them for anything older than 2 years and then delete them.  "

Firstly, Login into the Email Archiver software with your G Suite Account, then run a Search within the desired Date Range. & archive the Locally to system or hard Drive location & Directly to Outlook 365 Account using IMAP as Archiving Option.

Which email servers are supported by this Email Archiving Tool?

This Email Archiving Software is capable of fetching & archiving email data from most commonly used mail servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365,,Hotmail,G Suite,iCloud, GMX, Axigen, FastWeb Mail, Workmail, Earthlink, Cox Mail. AOL Mail, DreamHost, BlueHost , Lycos,,, AIM, Comcast, GoDaddy, Webmail, Charter Mail & many More. Note: It is mandatory to login using your email account credentials to start the Mail archival process

What Type of Licenses are available for this software ?

3 Licenses are available for this Email Archiving Software : For more information, visit

Will my data Expire after the Email Archival Process ?

No , the data once archived will not expire with this email archival solution . You can access it anytime as you require.

Can I Archive Emails based on Recipient Name ?

Yes, Using search & advanced filter techniques , you can perform Search by Email fields such as (Recipient or Sender Address) & Archive only the Searched emails to desired destination.